The Snore Ender™

The Snore Ender- How it works

The Snore Ender™ employs innovative biosensor technology to pinpoint the first signs of snoring with safe and reliable accuracy. This high-tech biofeedback acts like a training tool to help you gain ultimate control over involuntary body functions such as snoring. Over time your body learns to consciously manage snoring though a conditioned response process.  

Snoring is commonly caused by an obstruction in the flow of air through the nose and mouth. While you sleep, the Snore Ender™ monitors your snoring by releasing gentle vibrations along the surface of the skin until the desired result – elimination of snoring – is accomplished. The mild vibrations elicit a natural reflex such as tensioning of the throat and tongue muscles or a sudden change in body position to re-open the air passage. 

The Snore Ender™ is designed for complete customizability. You can control biosensor sensitivity with the turn of a key included inside the device, and have the power to adjust vibration levels. The Snore Ender™ is not only the most advanced and personalized anti-snoring device in the industry, but allows you to sleep totally undisturbed.

This uniquely convenient unit is light-weight and worn on the arm; allowing you to sleep normally without restrictions. Compared to other snore control products that require messy creams or uncomfortable mouth devices, the Snore Ender™ by Good Life® is an invaluable breakthrough in snore management.

Note: It's recommended that you do not use this product if you have a pacemaker or high blood pressure.

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